The Methven Tartan





On 2nd March 2013 David MacLeod Murdoch, the owner of Methven Castle, married Alexandra Margaret Cairncross.

On 27th October 2013 David and Alex attended the Voice of Rugby Dinner at Perth Concert Hall in aid of the Bill McLaren Foundation and were the successful bidders of an exclusive tartan design, donated by The Strathmore Woollen Company Limited.

The Methven Tartan Copyright 2014
The Methven Tartan Copyright 2014


MacPherson Ancient and Stewart Hunting Modern

The Murdoch family tartan is MacPherson Ancient and the Cairncross family tartan is Stewart Hunting Modern.

The design of the Methven Tartan is a merger of these two tartans, in recognition of their union.



Methvin, Methuen, Methfyn, Methphen, Meckphen,
Methfen, Meffane and Meffen.

The name Methven is one of the first to be recorded in Scotland, indeed anywhere, as few hereditary surnames developed before the year 1200.

Early recorded spellings of the name include Methven, Methvin, Methuen, Methfyn, Meckphen, Methfen, Meffane and Meffen.

The meaning of the name Methven has been given a number of derivatives:

  • A Gaelic word meaning middle, as being the centre of the Vale of Strathmore, which runs between Stirling and Forfar.
  • A forgotten Celtic saint – Saint Methven.  An annual autumn fair in the nearby village of Fowlis Wester used to be recognised as Methvenmas and a chapel site near Buchanty was dedicated to Saint Methven.  However, the patron saint of the village of Methven is Saint Marnoc so this seems less likely.
  • In Olde English, Methven could have come from the pre-7th century word “maep” pronounced “meth”, which has meanings of to mow, a flat area of land and a mead stone or meadow.